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What Can I Expect When Divorcing?

  1. Divorce is not easy, even if you are the one who wanted it.

  2. In divorce, things tend to get worse before they get better...but they do get better.

  3. You will feel sad for awhile, and that’s ok.

  4. Just because your marriage didn’t make it to “happily ever after”, doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

  5. In any divorce involving children, they are the priority. No conflict between you and your soon to be ex should be bigger than your children’s needs.

  6. You are capable of working together with your spouse to make decisions about your divorce, more so than any judge who does not know you or your family.

  7. If you are divorcing with children, you will always be a family, forever connected to one another through your children. Practice being civil to each other now. It will make their weddings’ so much easier.

  8. Friends and family will offer advice on what you should do in your divorce. Often motivated out of their own anger and or their own negative divorce experience. Do not take action based on their negative experience. This is your process. You decide what it will look like.

  9. The process will come to an end eventually and you will heal.

  10. You do not have to be alone on this journey. Tracy Callahan, CDC Certified Divorce Coach can provide personal, unbiased help with the overwhelm inherent in the divorce process to support you in making the best decisions possible for your future based upon your particular wants, needs and concerns as it relates to your divorce.


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