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Tracy Callahan, MA
FL Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator
CDC Certified Divorce Coach
Divorce Expert and Bestselling Author

As an experienced Supreme Court Certified Family and Divorce Mediator, I work with clients and families looking for an amicable resolution to their issues. Specializing in pro se mediation, I am a child centered mediator who works with couples and families to facilitate divorce settlement agreements that put children first. After starting my own independent practice, Mediating-Matters, LLC in Palm Beach County, FL, I recognized how very difficult the divorce process can be for all parties involved, especially those with children. As such, I added Divorce Coaching to my mediation practice and have been working as a CDC Certified Divorce Coach in addition to my role as a family mediator. Through supportive guidance and personal coaching, clients gain the clarity and confidence needed to reduce the overwhelm inherent in the divorce process and successfully move on with their lives.
I received my BS and MA from New York University in healthcare and worked as a healthcare administrator and operations specialist for many years prior to joining the field of mediation and divorce.

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