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Welcome to The Split Society's first Facebook Live where I answered questions sent to us by people considering divorce, people who are just starting the divorce process and those in the midst of divorce. If you are just watching this for the first time, I hope you learn a little more about divorce coaching and the divorce process. I also hope you will see the benefit of getting support from a divorce coach, and you will feel comfortable enough to use me as a resource to get your divorce questions answered on our next Facebook Live.

The Split Society's FREE Facebook Live monthly sessions are a way for your to lean in to divorce support to enable you to look towards your future. And if you love them, I hope you'll join me in our affordable, private Facebook group where, in addition to getting your divorce questions answered daily, you'll find an inclusive community full of camaraderie, support, and information.

You can learn more about The Split Society here.

If you missed this session of Ask The Divorce Coach Who Knows, keep reading to see a list of the questions I answered and to watch the full video.


•What is a divorce coach? Who are they? What do they do? What is their role in the entire divorce process?

•Why do I need a divorce coach?

•How is divorce coaching different from therapy?

•What are the benefits of having a divorce coach?

•Why is divorce so scary?

•How do I overcome the fear I have about divorce?

•What should I keep in mind now that my spouse and I have decided to divorce and our kids are now back at school?

If you've been looking for a way to be a proactive decision maker in your divorce, join

The Split Society and let's take control of your future together.

The Split Society
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