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Are you acting out of character?

Are you yelling at your children?⁠

Are you screaming at your soon-to-be ex?⁠

Are you bad-mouthing your relatives?⁠

Are you short-tempered with your co-workers?⁠

Are you being sarcastic and mean to the people around you?⁠

If you find yourself doing some of the above, you may need to dig deep and see how anger, frustration and sadness are manifesting in your presence and actions.⁠

Instead of getting caught up in the drama and anger of divorce, take a second to pause. It is possible for you to regroup and change your way of thinking.⁠ To begin the emotional healing process by choosing your Best Self.⁠

If your soon-to-be ex is pushing your buttons, knowing your triggers may be a good place to start. We all get triggered from time to time. And in divorce, there may be trigger minefields all over the place. ⁠

Often when our buttons are pushed, our reptilian brain kicks in and we engage in a reactive FIGHT rather than a responsive state.⁠

Identifying your triggers and understanding how they show up for you in your emotional process is the first step to learning how to manage them.⁠

At The Split Society, learning how to emotionally manage these triggers can be the difference between moving closer to a conflict resolution process rather than an adversarial one. ⁠

⁠You ARE able to change the negative to the positive.⁠


If you've been looking for a way to be a proactive decision maker in your divorce, join

The Split Society and let's take control of your future together.

The Split Society
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