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3 Ways to Survive Your Divorce Without Falling Apart


I know this may seem counterintuitive to what you are feeling right now, but in divorce, one of the most important things to focus on is YOU and what YOU need right now. Putting the time and energy into yourself and self-care is critical for you to build the strength and resilience you need to positively move forward in the transition of divorce.⁠


Boundaries are the limits you place around YOUR time, emotions, feelings, mental health, and body. Boundaries really start and end with YOU.

You can set a boundary for your STBX to not speak to you in a certain way but that does not necessarily mean they are going to comply. The true boundary is establishing the limits in which that behavior is received, processed, and impacted by YOU.

The benefits of setting personal boundaries include empowerment, conservation of emotional energy, and agency.⁠


No one should have to navigate divorce on their own. With the confluence of emotions at play and the amount of tasks that need to be engaged with on the business and legal front, it is nearly impossible to hold it all together on your own.

A Divorce Coach and or Divorce Group lead by a Divorce Coach such as The Split Society will give you the space, time, and support you need to best manage your emotions, engage in the business and legal side of divorce in the most cost-effective and time efficient manner, and help get you on the right track for healing, growth, and transition as you enter this next chapter of your life.⁠


If you've been looking for a way to be a proactive decision maker in your divorce, join

The Split Society and let's take control of your future together.

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